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I'm a 50 something daughter, sister, wife, aunt, mother and friend. I have a husband and a son with my parents living in my basement. Keeping it together through menopause, the teenage years and the golden years. I hope you visit often.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

She's a G.E.M.

Here is the reason I haven't posted lately. Meet Lily. Lily is now 10 weeks old. Lily is a Goldendoodle. Her mother was a Golden Retriever and her father was a miniature Poodle. She is what we call, a Genetically Engineered Mutt, G.E.M. Yes, the world shall soon be over run with these GEMs. There is nothing wrong with a pure bred dog. I think that people want something different, so they came up with hybrids, designer dogs, or GEMS. As humans, we always want to see what would happen if we changed something. We want to know what makes something work, what would happen if we mixed these ingredients together. That is what makes big companies like P & G so successful. We mess with stuff to create other stuff. It is the same thing in the dog world. There are dog allergies. What would happen if we bred these low shed dogs with other dogs and create a new type of dog. Now, with Lily, the poodle side of her has the soft wavy coat, no shed, intelligence and love of family. The golden side of her has the buff color, easily trained, longer coat, love of family. That is what is expected of this mix. That may not be what you get. So far, we know that Lily loves us. She loves being around the family. She is working on training us more than we are training her. She is showing some signs of intelligence, but mostly she is showing signs of selective hearing. She will come, when she wants to. She will stop doing something she shouldn't when she is done doing it. She knows who will give her treats, and who she can bully. Jake has't gotten use to her yet. He is gone most of the day, and when he is home she feels the need to bite his feet. He then runs from her and puts his feet up yelling for somebody to get the dog. I must admit it is funny seeing a 5'8", 130 lb. boy running from a 10", 7 lb. puppy. Beside that entertainment factor, I also love seeing my husband yell every time the dog looks like she is going to squat. This could be just to sit down. The dog makes this move, Lee jumps up and yells outside! This makes her wag her tail and run in a circle, growling. Yes, she is training us well. I have read that having a dog will extend your life. You will have unconditional love. I think that it makes a person feel needed. We need to take care of something. We need to have that feeling of reward that we helped something in this lifetime. The dog takes care of that need. I hope that you have something to care for, and someone to care for you. Take Care!