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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Queen and Her Court

It all started in 2007. Mom and Dad wintered in Arcadia, Florida. One of Moms friends was going to enter the Senior Ms. Arcadia pageant and wanted someone else to enter also. At first Mom said no, then decided it might be fun. She had never done anything like this before.  Once she did, she received all kinds of advice.  There was an 80 year old who was a pageant pro. She wanted to know what Moms talent was? Talent? No one mentioned a talent part of the program. This lady’ s talent was to do the waltz with her walker. Mom was a bit dismayed by that, but soon was relieved to find out there wouldn’t be time to have a talent show. There was a lot of being escorted back and forth across the stage. The judge was a beauty Queen from Florida. Mom was shocked when she was crowned. That’s when it started, the beginning of the crown collecting. My nieces soon followed in royal style.  Gwen, won homecoming Princess that same year, in 2008, Courtney won and in 2009 Meredith won. Now that we are out of girls to win, they needed to find a different venue. Gwen took the Snowball crown and Courtney took the Farmers Fair. I’m not at all surprised by this. When the girls were little, I bought them all the Disney Princess halloween costumes. Gwen was Cinderella, Courtney was Ariel and Meredith was Snow White. They did indeed look like Princesses, as well as acted like it. We decided this year to do a crown picture. I wanted to capture this moment with Grandmother and Granddaughters. It was fun, there were goofy pictures and comparing who has the biggest crown. By the way, Mom does. I resisted putting a crown on Jake just for fun. He felt that might come back to haunt him. My own family royalty. You never know when the Princess will grow up to be Queen. Take care!


  1. What a wonderful picture. You have a lovely family!

    I'm glad to have found your blog again, I thought I was following your blog and then saw I wasn't! Sometimes my Google account doesn't do what I want it to do LOL. Looking forward to following! :)

  2. Love the pic!!!! Such talent, all in one family!!! Very Cool!!!