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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Beginning!

Welcome to 2011! The first day of the New Year. We have already said good bye to a decade in this new century. Is it what you thought it would be? Did you think we would have flying cars and live on the moon by now? When you think back, we have come along way baby! How much further can we go? I have no really big plans for 2011. I don't make resolutions because I think they are silly. I do try and evaluate what changes I would like to make, and what I need to make. Hopefully some of those will be accomplished. I can be sure that in this New Year, I will wish that Jake would stop growing, I will wish that we did more family things and I will wish that I can make my shape something other than round. Two out of those three things could be accomplished. They may or may not actually be accomplished, but it is possible. Why do we look at the New Year as a new beginning? It's not like a giant clock is reset and we start over. It happens right in the middle of the school year, so that doesn't really do anything for us. The only thing that is certain to happen is the kids will scream See ya next year! on the last day before break. It doesn't even fall at the beginning of a season! We have these big plans for the New Year. We can plan celebrations, vacations and retirements.  We can look forward to birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. The calendar starts anew then. It makes us look at ourselves and see what we like, or not. This year will be better than last. Was last year so bad? I think a year should be extended to 24 months. Think of what we could get done in that period of time! Maybe have a choice, you could take a year, or an extension, like on our taxes. If you don't want the year to end in 12 months, extend it. If you are having a bad year, then it's over at mid-night on the last day of the twelfth month. It could be that easy. Who made up these rules anyway? Maybe we should move New Years to a warmer month, like May, or to September when school starts. Jake would go to school in one year. None of this 2010-1011 school year. You would graduate in the same year that you started. It seems easier to me. Alas, I am not in charge. I will make the most of my next twelve months the best way I can. May your next twelve months be grand! Take Care!

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