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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Buzzards of Hinckley Ohio

Today is a very special day in Hinckley Ohio. It is the day the "Buzzards," or Turkey Vultures return to Ohio. This is a real sign that Spring is right around the corner. Since March 15, 1957, "Buzzard spotters" have been watching for this great birds return. They start watching at 6:30am. at Hinckley Reserve in Clevelands Metropark. Armed with binoculars, warm clothing and hot coffee, these dedicated souls watch out for the first dark spot high in the sky. If you have ever seen a Buzzard fly it's a beautiful site. They are a large bird with a dark brown/black body and a red head. From a distance you can see them fly gracefully over head, looking for their next meal. They are not hunters, they are scavengers. They are unable to kill anything, so they look for road kill. Because of their size, they easily scare off other animals. This allows them to come in and take over, and have their meal. Although they are beautiful in the sky, they are ugly on the ground. They look big, awkward and just plain ugly. The Sunday after March 15th, is Buzzard Sunday in Hinckley. The festivities are celebrated with coffee and treats. Along with the budding flowers, trees and warm, sunny days, they are another sign of Spring. Here in Cincinnati we usually see the last Buzzard in December. A few weeks ago I saw the first one here. Now I see them everywhere, flying over head. I always wonder when I see five or six of them circling what they have found. They are a vulture after all. I hope you spot a sign of Spring soon. Even if it is an ugly bird. Take Care!


  1. I was raised in Ohio but never heard of this. I feel like I missed out on something big!

    My family used to live in Ripley, near Cincinnati, before I was born. My BIL's family is still there so we visited often.

    I miss Ohio :(

  2. There are so many Ohio jokes, but once you leave, you tend to come back. I was gone for 6 years and we missed it!

    I heard about the buzzards of Hinckley a few years ago and started watching here in Cincy. We see them a few weeks earlier. Maybe it's the chili?? :0

  3. My father was from Akron and I remember he used to recite a poem called The Buzzards of Hinckley. I can only remember two lines from it. "The buzzards of Hinckley, there eyes glowing pinkley" Are you familiar with it?

  4. I haven't heard the poem, so I tried to look it up. I haven't had any luck finding it, but I will still look. If you remember the rest please post it here!