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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vampires, Mummies and Ghosts

I was listening to Jimmy Buffet the other day. He has this song called Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost. It made me think of a story. My Mother loves scary movies. The old fashioned kind, Dracula, the Mummy, those types of films. My cousin Steve was over for an overnight with my brother Greg. They were about 13 & 12 years old. We raised pigs, and Gregs job was to go out and make sure that the pigs were in the barn at night. That night on TV was the old black and white movie Frankenstein. Mom let us stay up and watch it. After the movie, Greg and Steve had to go out and put the pigs away. It was a warm dark, summer night about 11:00pm. The boys went out to do their job, joking around as boys do. Mom decided it would be really funny to scare them. She got a sheet and went out the front door. Mom was standing by one of the sheds, trying to get the sheet over her, when the boys came around the corner. She didn't even make a sound. They took one look at the ghost and screamed! One of them threw the crowbar that was in his hand, which thankfully missed Mom, and they took off running towards the house screaming. Greg was in the lead for a few seconds, only to be passed up by Steve who was at a full speed run. I was standing in the doorway and just got the door open in time for them to dive through it. I got knocked over and Greg and Steve were laying on the floor half laughing, half crying and yelling for Mom. Mom was standing in the back yard laughing. It was the perfect scare. Looking back on these stories are fun. They make me realize that a little thing like movie night can become a great family story. I hope that you have some memorable movie nights. Take Care!

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