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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dogs and Cats

A few years before Jake was born I read an article on raising children. It was very interesting and the main part of the article has stuck with me over all these years. It compares having children to having dogs and cats. Now, I have had cats and dogs, and I have a child. I now understand what the author of the article was trying to say. You see, when you get a puppy, they depend on you for everything. When you have a child it is the same. When you walk in a room your child lights up and runs to you, so does your puppy. When you leave, or put the baby to bed, it cries. You need to feed it at the right time, make sure the bathroom needs are taken care of and play and cuddle with your child/puppy to make sure they are happy and socialized. As your child/puppy grows, it becomes more independent. When little, you understood every look and sound that your child/puppy made. You just knew what to do at every moment. When your child turns into a teenager, your puppy turns into a cat. Yes, a cat. No longer will your teen/cat care if you are home or at work. The only thing that matters is that you have food and drinks available whenever they need. They no longer want to hang with the family, they have friends to meet and mice to catch. They no longer need you to entertain them, they can do that all by themselves. They come and go as they please, you never know when they will allow you to engage them in anything. Their response could be a good one, a smile or a purr, or not so good, a slamming door and a hiss. The article assured me that as the teenager/cat grows into a young adult, they slowly return to being a dog. Once they have experienced life as an adult, with the responsibilities and relationships that come with it, they will return to you with a smile and a hug. Wether you have a cat or dog, enjoy your time. Take care!

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