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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Again!

Hi there! Did you miss me? Life is hectic here in the sandwich generation. Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas and Hanukah is right around the corner. Not to mention ringing in the New Year! This weekend is another of out multi boy sleep overs which I am sure will make me ready for a long winter night!

Our Thanksgiving was a wonderful one. We had another new baby, welcome Caitlyn, Natalies little sister, and it was Lily the wonder dogs first inside family Holiday. Kids and dog went together very well. I sat and reflected on Thanksgivings past while waiting for midnight to start my cyber shopping. We are really blessed in so many ways. We have never been alone on Thanksgiving. We have always had family or friends around for a nice dinner and with wonderful conversation and laughter. Lee and I went out to lunch yesterday. We were sitting in Panara and at the table next to us was an older couple. We started talking and ended up spending 30 min. chatting about things past and present. It was nice. I'm hoping that when we are older there will be people we don't know willing to sit and chat for a min. We enjoyed taking just a small amount of time and sharing our day. This time of year is so busy. I hope you have time to sit down and have a chat with someone, if you know them or not. Take time to enjoy the season. Take care!

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