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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday Lee and I celebrated our 27th anniversary. It is hard for me to believe that I have been married that long. The statistics today for married people doesn't look good. Most people are married at least twice in their life times. You never know. Look at Liz Taylor and Marie Osmond. Who would have thought Marie Osmond would be married three times! She even  followed Lizs lead and married one husband twice. I have a friend who has been married twice, to the same man. They took a year or two off early on the their marriage. How does one keep it all straight? If you marry the same guy twice, do you celebrate the first or second date? I need to ask. If you forget the first date can you make it up on the second? Do you just celebrate both? Hmmm, that sounds like a plan. Lees parent were married over 50 years before my father in law passed away and my parents have been married 60 years. You don't really hear about that much anymore. June 17,1984 was a long time ago. We were different people then. Lee was a medical student who wasn't sure what type of medicine he wanted to practice. I was in college and not sure what I wanted to do, so we got married. The Navy entered our lives in the form of a scholarship and Lee decided on OB/GYN. Off to Virginia we went, then over seas to Guam. Those experiences formed us in some ways. We traveled more than we ever thought we would. We were able to see Bali, Singapore, Saipan, Hong Kong, with stops in Japan and China. Not the type of vacations we really thought we would be doing. We learned to scuba dive and became independent of "the family". Moving away was scary, but I feel that is helped us grow together. To not rely on anyone else but each other. When the time came to decide where we wanted to go, Cincinnati was the obvious choice. Both our families were here, and when you think about it, what do you do for vacations when you live away from your family. You take vacation to visit family. We decided to live in Cincinnati, not vacation there. It has been good. There is always ups and downs in marriage, and in life. It's nice to have someone to take that ride with you, even if the road is bumpy. Sometimes thats the fun of it. Becoming parents in our late 30's also changed us. You look at things differently. We were more settled than if we had been able to have Jake in our late 20's. Yes, Lee and I have changed over the years. One thing hasn't, that is our humor. Our very odd sense of humor seems to have stayed the same over all these years. Maybe that's why we have made it so long. We are able to laugh, at each other and with each other. Love makes the world go round, but laughter keeps it together. Take care!

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  1. Oh, that is soooo true!!! Sorry we missed your anniversary -- we were just arriving in Berlin that day!!! Life has been a bit crazy -- may you have many more years together!! Love you both!!!