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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We recently watched Evan Almighty. I had never really heard of the movie, but I really like Morgan Freeman so I decided to watch it. It was a cute movie. The message was a really good one and I like to think that God is really the way Morgan Freeman portrayed him. Basically, the movie promotes being green, being kind and being a decent person no matter what anyone else thinks. Be yourself, do unto others  etc. A basic feel good movie. One scene struck home for me. That was the explanation of ARK. God said it stands for Acts of Random Kindness. Such a simple thing. Maybe this got me because Thanksgiving is next week and I know that I have so much to be  thankful for.  Acts of Random Kindness. It's nice to donate to food drives, clothing drives, spend time at a shelter or write a check to the charity of your choice. But what was your last ARK? It's so simple. Hold open the door for someone who can't. I mean, really hold it open, not just open it, walk in holding it for two seconds before letting go. Hold the door and let the other person actually walk in ahead of you.  How hard would it be to give someone a coupon for a grocery or restaurant item that you aren't going to use. If there is only one cookie left, let the kid have it! If your husband always takes out the trash, do it for him. I do mean take it all the way to the curb, not just out to the can. There are so many little things one could do that might make someones day. Now, be careful with some of this. Helping the little old lady across the street without asking could end up with a purse to the head. She may think you are trying to mug her. If she does say yes to being helped, make sure you take her in the right direction. If you are giving directions, make sure you really know which way to go. Probably best for the female to give the directions, since that's who you'd be talking to. Acts of Random Kindness is such a easy way to make someones day. I hope that you receive an ARK, but mostly, I hope you build one. Take care!

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