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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Magic Of Fiber

We always laughed about the fact that my grandparents would always want to discuss their bathroom habits. It seemed that the "old people" always wanted to talk about their bowels. Metamucil was on everyone's grocery list. Now we baby boomers have figured  it out. We have the magic of fiber.  Studies show that fiber helps with almost everything. You want to lose weight, eat fiber. Want to stay regular, eat fiber. Just walk down the grocery store isles. There is fiber in soup, pancakes, yogurt, and bread. You can't avoid fiber. The problem is, you are what you eat, and fiber causes gas. Yep, have you ever had one of those granola bars that has your daily dose of fiber? You can't leave the house! It's embarrassing.  Try eating it at night before bed, the fiber waits until you get up in the morning to activate the gas. Fiber is evil. You see a person with a cart full of fiber, stay away from them. They are bound to let something fly. That's really why people make over babies. They can relieve themselves of their fiber gas and blame it on the kid. Eating fiber may be good for your health, but bad for your social life. My suggestion is to only eat lots of fiber while on vacation. Your away from home and nobody knows who you are. You could clear out a place on the beach and have it all to yourself. In a restaurant, you could get great service just because they want to get rid of you. Think of the possibilities. Leave it to the baby boomers to figure out this great strategy. We will sit on the beach, a respectable distance from one another, and enjoy the day. When that family full of little kids claims the spot right next to us, we'll get out the huge bag of fiber filled corn chips and they should be gone within the hour. If all else fails, we'll have that back up can of Metamucil. Take care!

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