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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I'm posting late today because I slept in, watched movies, worked on some holiday cards and did a bit of cyber shopping. Now, according to facebook, many of my friends and family were up by 2:00AM or didn't even bother to go to bed, so they could take advantage of BLACK FRIDAY SALES. I have never liked shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Mainly because I am so tired from the day before that I sleep late, then lay around the house thinking about taking a walk. I do manage to walk back and forth from the couch to the fridge, but I don't think that counts. Apparently I'm really missing out. Yesterday on the news they interviewed people who were camping out in tents. Now I have tent camped before, but I can't think of anything at any price that would make me put up a tent on concrete and camp out on Thanksgiving. The weather here in Cincinnati over the past 24 hours went from 60*, record rain, sleet, light snow 26* and sunny.  I must admit they did look like they were having fun. They were cheering and talking about how much fun they were having, making new friends, enjoying each others company.  This made me look at the ads just to see what I was missing. There were some great deals, with fine print. The fine print said there would be a minimum of 5, no rain checks and the store opens at 2:00AM for your convenience.  That means there will definitely be 5, but no guarantee there will be 6. I can imagine that fellow campers have been talking about all those great buys to be had. After all, that is what compelled you to spend three days in a tent, on a concrete sidewalk with no amenities, in the cold on a holiday. That alone would make me cranky. Imagine if you were number 6 in line. What if after all this time spent with these new best friends, they got the giant big screen TV with every bell and whistle know to man at an insane price, and you didn't? Things could go terribly wrong. That is why CYBER MONDAY was invented. Cyber Monday is for people who failed to get black Friday deals. After people who spent Thanksgiving outside get out of the hospital for hypothermia, or jail for assault,  they can go to their computers and get great deals on line, mailed directly to your door. What to do if that fails? What if you didn't get what you wanted on Friday, now you can't get it on Monday, when do you get it? I think there should be a Thrift store Thursday. That's right, by the time Thursday rolls around everything, everywhere will be sold out. You better head on down to Guidos Pawn Shop. After all, that diamond ring will shine just as bright whether it's in the window of Tiffanys or Guidos.  You may not have as much choice, but hey, it's Thursday! The stress that the holidays bring. So, no matter when you do your shopping, I hope that you find everything you're looking for. If it's on sale, even better. Take care!

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