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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting to know Mac

The very first computer I ever owned was a birthday gift when I was in my late 20's. I never asked for it. I didn't really want or need a computer, but Lee really thought that I did.  This was in the mid 80's, and not everyone had a desk top computer. We went to the store so I could pick it out. I knew nothing about computers, so I went on looks. There was a pink monitor. It was a very soft pink, but it was pink. I took one look at it and said that's the one I want. Lee wasn't so sure about it, but the salesperson could tell that I had no clue and since it was my birthday present, I got to pick the monitor. We packed it up and took it home. That thing was huge! It took up most of the desk, and the printer had that paper that had all the holes in the edges. I can't remember the brand, but it was a PC.  I can't count how many computers we've had, some lap tops, some desk tops, but they were all PCs. My nieces and nephews all seem to have Macs. One Christmas my niece Jessi asked for something Mac related. I went to the brand new Apple store and explained what I wanted to the salesperson. He listened very intently, then told me to follow him, he knew just what I needed. He handed me a gift card. I knew then and there I knew nothing about Macs. This past Christmas I decided I wanted to replace my Gateway lap top with a MacBook Pro. We went to the Apple store and I picked out my Mac. I also bought a years worth of classes just to figure out what to do. I have had several classes so far and I can find my way pretty well, but there is a whole lot of stuff I don't know. Most of the trainers are young, and they seem very patient with me. I have been told that I remind them of their, Mom, Aunt and neighbor. I can only hope that they like these people. It's interesting getting to know Mac. There is a lot out there in this world that a computer can do. One thing though will never change, there still needs to be someone out there to steer you in the right direction. A computer can only do what a person tells it to. Take care!

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