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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grandma Attacks Nature

My mother is not usually a mean person. She has respect for most living things. However, sometimes she doesn't think about her actions. There was this incident that happened when my niece Gwen was about five years old. Gwen and Mom were on the deck during a fine summers day. They were talking and Gwen was playing with a worm that was minding its own business, crawling across the floor. Mom looked down, saw the worm and decided that it would be better off in the hereafter. So she stepped on it! Gwen let out a scream and started to cry. Grandma had just crushed her new little friend. Now Mom was having a problem. Gwen is crying "He was going home to his Mommy!", and Mom can't figure out how to get worm guts off her shoe. It was quite the scene. Mom sent Gwen in the house to get a tissue, this gave her time to scrape what was left of the worm on the edge of the deck. She then promised Gwen that she would not take the lives of anymore worms, ever! It's times like these that we need to think before we act. I'm sure that Gwen is scarred for life, and Mom can't help laughing when she retells this story. I guess it just depends on where the shoe falls. Take Care!

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  1. I don't remember that story, but it still makes me sad! That probably explains why, to this day, I cry when somebody steps on any living creature. It is true. One time Dad tried to kill an ant (2 years ago) and I cried. I nursed that ant back to life.