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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Today is one of those Hallmark holidays. You know the ones, the ones that have been pushed on us by card companies. I'm sure there is a history to Valentines Day but I really didn't have the time to look it up. I thought instead I would reflect on Valentines through the years. When I was in grade school, we would make a Valentines Card Box. Each child in the class would bring in a Valentine for all the other children. Some cards would be hand made, some might contain candy and others might not even be signed. When I got married, great care was taken in picking out just the right card. We would go to a wonderful dinner, with candles, wine, and I would get a nice little present, usually jewelry. Maybe even take a get away weekend. When Jake was little, it was more about celebrating us as a family. We would go out to an age appropriate restaurant, and give cute little gift bags. Of course we still made the Valentines Card Box for school. This year Lee and I have been together for 29 Valentines Days, 27 of those we have been married. We started dating in December, there is a big story about that for another time, when Valentines Day came around we were supposedly dating just each other. I went over to Lees apartment and he told me to get him a drink out of the fridge. He NEVER asks me to do that, so I told him no. He keeps asking me about going to the fridge, so I give up go. Inside the refrigerator was a beautiful red rose in a bud vase, sitting right next to a plate of home made heart shaped sugar cookies! Lee doesn't bake. I picked up the rose and a cookie and walked back into the living room. Lees face went from a great big smile, to a stunned look, then a sheepish grin. I asked if the roses were cheaper by the dozen? It seems that he was still seeing an ex girlfriend "on occasion." Well, our first Valentines Day wasn't that special, though we've had some really great ones over the years. The past several years we go to dinner the weekend after Valentines Day, usually with a coupon. This year we are having friends over for dinner a few days before. I think we will celebrate not just our family, but friends too. When I look around, I have all kinds of Valentines in my life. I hope that you have many Valentines in your life too! Take care!

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