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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

I didn't become a Mom until I was 38 years old. We had a long hard road to get there dealing with infertility problems. Needless to say it was a true miracle the day Jake was born. Now, thirteen years later, I have a teenager living in my house. Along with my own Mother. Six years ago when we built our house, Lee suggested that we have Mom and Dad move into the lower level. The reason was they were getting older, they lived an hour away and we had a small child, and I would always add that Lee was trying to push me over the edge by having my mother move in.  When I was little, I would dress up in Moms night gowns like they were evening gowns. Mom made Barbie clothes for my dolls, she also made my own clothes. We had our ups and downs through the teenage years, as most parents do. As we age relationships grow. Some grow closer, some grow apart. I think the turning point was when Lee and I moved to Guam. That was the first time we lived so far away from our families that we only "had each other". You grow when you have to stand on your own two feet. It is a great experience. Now that I am a Mom, I understand some of the things that I thought were awful when I was younger. Mom and I parent differently, and that's okay. We agree to disagree on certain things, and have learned that line between Mom and Grandma. Most of the time, life is good. Being a Mom is a hard job. You are range from being the most important person in your childs life, to being considered a monster, then becoming a friend. The bond of being a Mom is different with each child that you have. Since I only have one, my bond is that of a Mother and her son. Now the choice of movies, music and video games are very different. As I have said many times, I have never been nor will ever be, male.  I don't always understand the way he thinks, but we still have a connection. We still can sit and talk and laugh, just like I can do with my Mom. I hope that you have a great connection with someone. Happy Mothers Day Mom! Take care!

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