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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Green Christmas

Hey there! I haven't seen you for awhile. Why? Because it has been such a busy, busy time. I know that is no excuse for letting my blog sit unattended for a week, but life got in the way of writing. I'm back now with an observation. Last week we put up the tree, sort of. It stands strong, tall and naked in the corner of our great room. Well, it does have lights on it, but that's because they were on there when I bought the tree. I usually have the decorations on as soon as it's put up. Not this year. This year may be a green tree Christmas, kind of organic isn't it? There is the fact that the tree is plastic and doesn't smell like anything. That's not very organic. I guess I could spray it with fake pine smell. Since it is plastic there won't be any needles falling on the floor, that would require a quick assault on the shrubs in the front of the house. However, they are covered in lights, I did get those out at Thanksgiving, and about 4 inches of snow. That isn't very convenient now is it. So I need to decide if I want to have a fake tree standing in the corner without decorations or get the boxes out of the basement and decorate. The problem with a fake tree is the fact it looks fake. The only reason it can pass at Christmas is the decorating part. Hang so many ornaments on it that you can't see that the trunk is full of holes where the wire rods fit into it. There is one other option. Put the gifts under the table holding the menorah. It could look kind of neat. All the wrapped gifts sitting under a set of lights. Although it would be hard to bask in the glow when the lights are on a table lower than the couch. No, I need to get it in gear and decorate for this wonderful season. When I think of Christmas past what really comes to mind is the lights, which I already have on the tree. There was this set of twinkle lights that was on our tree. They twinkled randomly. You can't really find them anymore. The ones that twinkle are symmetric. Every third light will glow, on and off in a rhythm.  We bought a set that had a wheel that you used to set the timing of the lights. It was awful. They didn't twinkle, they flashed on and off like a sale sign. Or they would do the running light like at a casino. There was nothing calming about it. It was a strobe effect. The lights on my tree are plain, white lights. There is no twinkle. I do have ornaments that glow when you put them close to a light. There are glitter ornaments that Jake made when he was younger, those sort of twinkle. The only way to make my tree twinkle will be to decorate it. I better get going. I hope that your tree is glowing just the way you want it to. Take care!

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