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Thursday, December 9, 2010

White Death!

It's early December and the weather in the Ohio Valley is crazy as usual. We have already had a few inches of snow, but this weekend we may, or may not, have a larger snow storm. This all depends on which weather model you want to go with. Where the rain/sleet/snow line is. If you are on the East or West side of the city and if the stars and moon are in alignment. I actually feel sorry for weather people. They get grief no matter what they say, yet we always listen intently to the weather. Here in Cincinnati we freak out at the first sign of the "white death". Here is my prediction of this weekends storm. By Saturday morning, the grocery stores will be so jammed packed that you will have to park a mile away. By mid-afternoon there will be no milk, bread, chips or beer left to buy. Every cart will contain one or more of the following: sled, shovel, salt. During the carpool this morning the kids were already talking snow day. Let's say that we do indeed get snow on Saturday. The idea is that people will stay off the roads and let the snow removal begin, after all, that morning we bought enough staples for a month! But that is not what will happen. When the first flake falls, the roads will be jammed with cars. These cars will not be going to the grocery stores, they are already out of food. They will be going to the mall, the movies or to dinner. The thought process is this, it's snowing, nobody will be crazy enough to drive in this weather. We'll finish our holiday shopping, go to that restaurant we've wanted to try, and catch the latest movie. There will be more people out driving than if the weather were perfect. I hope we do get snow. I love looking out and seeing everything covered in a blanket of white. The neighborhood will be filled with snowmen and forts. Kids will have rosy cheeks from sledding. And I will have a quiet house, because the rest of the family will be out shopping and getting take out! Take care!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how it all works out!! :) Enjoy your peace and quiet!!! :p